Oily Skin Guide, Part 3

First of all, Happy New Year everyone! (It’s late I know). It’s been so long since I done my last blog post. I’ve decided to only blog when I’m properly in the mood for it otherwise it becomes a chore and blogging is something I still want to enjoy. So, let’s go! I hope you’ve […]

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Oily Skin Guide, Part Two

Welcome back to my Oily Skin Guide. I’m back and happy to be making this post for you all.  I want to base part 2 on face masks that you can buy but also face masks you can make at home which will help you with your oily skin that are also completely fine for […]

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L’Oréal Skin Care Review

So I’ve been promising this blog for a while now and I’ve waited out 3 months before I decided to make a start on this review blog- simply because with skincare it doesn’t always show results straight away and I’d rather use any product repeatedly for a month or so before reviewing it. The product […]

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Outfit Look

Hi guys, this is my first outfit blog! I’ve promised & promised to create this blog post; I’m sorry for the delay! I’m now in desperate need of a whole new wardrobe, more clothes more shoes! So you’ll definitely be seeing more of this content on my blog. I was flicking through my wardrobe briefly […]

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Waxing Vs Shaving

Hi guys, so I’m sat here writing this blog on a Saturday night. You are probably wondering “why are you blogging instead of being out?” I have a busy day tomorrow so I’m currently watching tv and writing my Waxing Vs. Shaving blog for you all. Let me get into it!- So, I began shaving […]

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