Oily Skin Guide, Part 3

First of all, Happy New Year everyone! (It’s late I know). It’s been so long since I done my last blog post. I’ve decided to only blog when I’m properly in the mood for it otherwise it becomes a chore and blogging is something I still want to enjoy. So, let’s go! I hope you’ve […]

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Oily Skin Guide, Part Two

Welcome back to my Oily Skin Guide. I’m back and happy to be making this post for you all.  I want to base part 2 on face masks that you can buy but also face masks you can make at home which will help you with your oily skin that are also completely fine for […]

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L’Oréal Skin Care Review

So I’ve been promising this blog for a while now and I’ve waited out 3 months before I decided to make a start on this review blog- simply because with skincare it doesn’t always show results straight away and I’d rather use any product repeatedly for a month or so before reviewing it. The product […]

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Outfit Look

Hi guys, this is my first outfit blog! I’ve promised & promised to create this blog post; I’m sorry for the delay! I’m now in desperate need of a whole new wardrobe, more clothes more shoes! So you’ll definitely be seeing more of this content on my blog. I was flicking through my wardrobe briefly […]

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Waxing Vs Shaving

Hi guys, so I’m sat here writing this blog on a Saturday night. You are probably wondering “why are you blogging instead of being out?” I have a busy day tomorrow so I’m currently watching tv and writing my Waxing Vs. Shaving blog for you all. Let me get into it!- So, I began shaving […]

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Paying attention to red flags

This blog is based on red flags to be made aware of, perhaps you’ve experienced them before or are experiencing them this current day. You may have experienced these red flags yet pushed them under the carpet and not really thought to deep into them or the complete opposite and thought majorly deep into them. […]

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Aloe Vera Mad

As you can tell from the title of this blog it’s going to be all about Aloe Vera and the products I use which include it. Aloe Vera has many benefits cosmetic wise and can help in medical areas as well. As someone with sensitive skin I’m always looking around for skincare and skin products […]

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